Your recycling collection service is changing from 1 July 2016.

Auckland’s goal to have consistent rubbish and recycling services across the region is moving a step closer, with the roll out of new 240 litre recycling bins.

What you need to know

  • The 240 litre recycling bin replaces your crate from 1 July 2016.
  • Your existing crate cannot be used for recycling after 1 July 2016 as the new trucks use a mechanical collection system.
  • You are welcome to keep your crate and use it for other purposes or it can be taken to the Waitākere Transfer Station or Whangaparāoa Recycling Depot for free. Alternatively your community recycling centre may take it
  • Paper and cardboard can go into the 240 litre recycling bin. Please note that the weekly cardboard collection within current defined shopping areas is unchanged.

Collection date and week is changing

To make collections more efficient, Auckland Council has made changes to recycling collection days. Rubbish collections in Rodney are not operated by us, so please check with your rubbish collection provider to see if they are changing days to match recycling collection days.
To find out your new collection date:

  • Check the sticker on the side of your bin and the calendar in the info pack that came with the bin or,
  • Go to and use the collection search tool.
  • And/or text your address to 3169 and a reminder will be texted the day prior to collection.

Limited space

We appreciate that businesses have limited space and storing a larger bin may be difficult for some. Bins cannot remain out on the footpath or public space, unless approved by council.
Some potential solutions include:
  • Arranging to share a bin with neighbouring businesses
  • A communal waste collection area for multiple businesses
  • Speaking to the landlord about storage space

If none of these are viable options, please contact us on 09 3010101 to discuss a solution.

Weekly Cardboard Collection

Auckland Council advise that the weekly cardboard collection will continue with no changes.





The blanket 2hr parking enforcement cover only includes the commercial town centre. View the detailed map here
It does not include the residential side streets.




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